Waterfire, Providence

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


For GBE2 week #65

When I was first in college in 1967-1968, one of my friends fell in love.  Well, many of my friends fell in and out of love throughout the year, but this friend stayed in love and eventually married her love.  The different thing about their love in that particular time was that she was white and he was black. I was thrilled for them, it was such fun seeing people who loved each other strongly and the joy they had with each other.  I was, and probably still am the most naïve person around, especially at the age of 18 and had grown up with no particular prejudices.  My two friends knew that they were facing a tough road not only in society as it stood at that time at Hiram College in Ohio, but everywhere they went on from there in the future.  My friend was very afraid that her boyfriend's family would not accept her and he had similar fears about hers. (Really though isn't this the way in many romances.) They already were well aware that the college community did not accept them and also that this was an incredibly tense time in the history of our country.  It was in April 1968 that Martin Luther King was shot and later that year when Robert Kennedy was shot.  It seemed that the world was against them and yet they stayed in love and my perspective was that this was just great.

However, I had several other friends that did not share my perspective on this couple and the most surprising thing to me about their objections was that they were black, not the racist whites chastising the races against mixing.  So, being the big mouth, naïve person that I was, I simply asked my friends why they felt that these two falling in love was a bad thing.  The first thing they said was something of the "party line" of the time (1968), that the black race needed to stay strong and not mix with other races to achieve the equality that they were striving for.  I could somewhat understand this, but deep down I knew their perspective had a bit more "college girl" in it and less "black panther" and I was right.  Some of my black girlfriends soon admitted that they felt bad that this young guy didn't look their way and not at some white girl.  Remember our ages at the time, 18 and 19 years old, so their perspective was a reaction to the political issues of the time and also to the just plain dating issues of college. 

Over the many, many years that have passed since I was so young and faced with differing perspectives on this one issue, I've heard other people state feelings that were similar to my roommates', but I've also seen more and more multiracial couples making great lives for themselves and their beautiful children. 

I left college after that year, my education to be continued later, but my two friends, who had fallen in love and married in that difficult time, ended up right here in RI a couple of years later, as he was doing a year at Officer Candidate School in the Navy at Newport.  Of course, we got together and I met their wonderful son.  I was still pretty immature and could not consider what it was like to be married and have a child, but I still enjoyed the fact that their love had continued to that point. 

We unfortunately didn't stay in touch after they were finished with their stint in Newport.  I don't even know if they stayed together and if they might now be grandparents, as I am a grandmother.  I do know one thing in remembering this couple is that many people had a different perspectives on their love.  There was my simple "yay for you" view, other people's perspective that they would have a very tough time in the culture as it was at that time,  and my roommates' perspectives that this was not good for their fight for equality.  To this day I can't say anyone's perspective was totally correct, but as I've grown older I have to say that there was a bit of truth in every one of them.  

Thursday, July 05, 2012


For NaBloMoPo July Day #2 

Bill Murray's Caddy Shack Restaurant 
For day 2 of this blog fest, the prompt is "pranks you have done".  I thought this photo that I took in St. Augustine, FL of the golf ball coming out of the wall at Caddyshack to be in the spirit of that.

My biggest prank and also the one that got me suspended from boarding school in my senior year, was breaking into the kitchen and grabbing some snacks.  No, I was not alone in this trip, I had about 4 other co-conspirators.  We thought we were just breaking up some boredom and adding some excitement to our time at school.  However, what we were actually doing was breaking and entering and the headmaster was not amused (this was in 1967 when schools were much more innocent than today).

The point is it was not a good prank, got me and others sent home and had to finish my senior year by correspondence (no internet or even computers back then).

The good prank was while we were home, my friend and I decided on a prank that would make our classmates still at school get a laugh.  So we sent or ordered food (I think it was pizza) in a good quantity to be delivered to the Asst. Headmaster and, while he was confused and not amused, everyone else got a great laugh and we didn't break any laws.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  Yes, I know I'm two days behind, but getting there.

Monday, July 02, 2012


Today's prompt in NaBloPoMo is to be your favorite joke.  Well certainly the cartoon to the left may seem like a joke, but ha, ha, actually that's my real life.

As to jokes, even before I got to the advanced age that I am now, I was never ever able to remember a joke.  Not even two minutes after someone told it.

These two, however, have stuck in my head and the first one I still find funny, although it makes most of my family and friends moan:

"That's right you can tune a piano, but you can't tune a fish"    Get it?  Even my grand kids moan at it.

The next one used to make a friend in college laugh hysterically.  Especially when my husband told it:

"The farmer said to the girl, hey let's go out into the cornfield and I'll kiss you behind the ears".  (laugh here).

She may have had some alcoholic beverages and such when she thought this was so hysterical.

I promise my July posts can only go up from here.  Stay tuned.